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What's a farm share?

CSA's, or "Community Supported Agriculture" is a program in which farms are directly supported by their customers, who buy into a seasonal rate for a weekly supply of veggies available for pickup at the farm. 

How can I join?

Head to our 2021 CSA page for 

pricing and to sign up!


Note: Signing up members now!


Benefits of Joining


In an age of uncertainty about the origins of our foods, developing a relationship with us at Bear Hill Farm is an invaluable opportunity to offer your family the safest, freshest, tastiest local meats and veggies. Have the security of knowing where your food comes from. Relieve allergies from eating food that carries the local elements. Feel confident that your money is going to support a local operation aiming at optimum health for the community, based on humane and environmentally friendly ethics.

It's also a treat for us to serve you ;)

Seasonal Varieties​

Eating local vegetables that are in season is a great way to reap the full nutritional benefits from your produce. Check out which vegetables will be available throughout your Farm Share membership!

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